Friends Accommodation Services, started with a traveller... Now after 16 years, 4552 guests (and counting), from all over the world became friends and then become a family in the heart of Pretoria. 






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House Regulations:

Each and every house regulation was set up for a reason. We know people.. and if you respect your fellow guests, the staff and the owners, there will be no problems. 


Mutual respect, honesty and good behaviour is on top of the list.


No abuse of alcohol is allowed 

No narcotics

No firearms or weapons allowed on the premises

Smoking is allowed in allocated outside areas

No parties or events are allowed unless permission is given by the managment

Sleep over guests will be paying guests


A more detailed version of the houserules will be provided to each guest on arrival or can be emailed upon request.


Personal Lease Agreement:



The Personal Lease Agreement will be provided to guests that stay for one month or longer.


This Legal Agreement has been put together by professionals and is a standard Rental Lease Agreement.




Suitcase Essentials:

  • camera

  • towels

  • driving license

  • insurance

What you can leave at home:

Don't pack a lot of clothing as it is much cheaper to purchase it in South Africa.


Buy sunblock and musquito repellent in South Africa